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About Me

Hi my name's Umaid Abbasi and I'm a Software Developer based in Ottawa. I've always enjoyed working with computers and learning about new technologies. I enjoy working with open source projects and hope to make a valuable contribution to one in the future.

Besides technology my passions/interests include rock climbing, weight training, cycling, cooking and coffee.

Current role


I'm currently a Automation and System Integration Engineer at Ciena. I am hoping to build a complete devops pipeline to enable us to automate the deployment of VNFs ( Virtual Network Functions) on the edge of modern networks.

Past Roles

Ford Motor

Shifting from telecommunications to infotainment systems, I was a automation test developer working for Ford Motor Company under the connected vehicles division. Where I created test cases to verify Ford's implementation of gRPC and a proprietary token solution based on OAuth 2.0 , once created I automated these tests using the Slash Framework and Python.


I was a Automation Engineer at Nokia where I primarily used Python and RobotFramework to Automate Customer Lab testing for Nuage Networks and Nokia's Packet Core products.

Technical skills

  • Python, including various frameworks such as Flask
  • Understanding of REST APIs
  • Proficient in Linux systems, including automated building/deployment of VMs
  • Various Virtualization technologies such as OpenStack/KVM
  • Strong understanding of Network Technologies and various Protocols
  • Proficient in Gitlab CI/CD, including setting up a CI/CD from scratch. This webpage is built using Gitlab CI/CD


  • Algorithmic dashboards
    • Participated In a Nokia Hackathon to build a AI driven dashboard.
    • Based on what other users view, the application will recommend popular reports based on your user role.
    • My role was to build the API using Flask to connect the backend and front end.
  • Buzzer Redirect tool
    • Simple script that runs in the cloud, uses Twilio to redirect my buzzer to my cell phone as my building does not support long distance calls.

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